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  • PUR/PIR Insulation Board Machine

    PUR/PIR Insulation Board Machine The whole PU insulation panel machine is strictly modular in design. ensure the greatest probability for the parts to be interchangeable, making the pu machine is the most cost- and energy-saving. No joining made manually, all the key...
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  • Phenolic Insulation Board Machine

    Phenolic Insulation board machine The continuous Phenolic panel machine, which is made by sinowa who was the first in China to success automatic of the whole equipment, is manufactured based on a higher technical level all over the process throughout design, manufacturing,...
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  • PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Machine

    PUR/PIR sandwich panel machine PU sandwich panel machine, which is manufactured by China Sinowa, based on the high precision and technical skills, is manufactured by imported main parts from Germany and Italy and we can say its value is already recognized by exporting to...
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  • Gutter Roll Forming Machine

    Sinowa Gutter Roll Forming Machine has automatic, high speed roll forming line, whose production speed can reach 30m/min (includes cutting & punching), multiple profiles can be produced through quick adjustment. Siemens PLC central control whole line,from uncoiler,...
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  • Doors And Windows Roll Forming Machine

    Doors and Windows Roll Forming Machine Our multi-kinds door&window roll forming machine of Sinowa can produce many kinds profiles through rapidly changing the series different rollers Especially produce the fire insulation cold formed door &window profiles roll...
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  • CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine The CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine is making many types of purlin in one machine only you can change a roller. The whole Manufacturing Process is mainly consists of decoiler, coil sheet pulling down tools, roll forming machine, punching Press,...
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  • Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Machine

    Mineral wool sandwich panel machine Sinowa company is good at in Mineral wool sandwich panel machine, the sandwich panel is widely used(USA : 84%, Europe : 42%) since 1930s as an insulation due to it has excellent non-flammability, sound absorption and high strength even...
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  • PUR/PIR Panel Machine

    PUR/PIR panel machine sandwich panel machine is good for pu/pf sandwich panel ,it is a kind of sandwich panels and it has simple and modern external appearance, it well been used in big factory ,luxury buildings like stadiums, airports, etc. Polyurethane or Phenolic sandwich...
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  • Phenolic Insulation Panel Machine

    Phenolic insulation panel machine sinowa Phenolic insulation panel machine insist on technical innovative concept of continuous innovation ,it improvement makes our laminboard production line have lots of outstanding characteristics. We provide our customers with various...
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  • AIR Duct Panel Machine

    AI Duct Panel Machine The AI Duct Panel Machine is manufactured from customer’s needs, who want to produce various kinds of insulated sandwich panels with small production capacity and different thick in one sandwich panel production line, based on the advanced sandwich panel...
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  • PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Line production

    PUR/PIR Sandwich panel Line production Sinowa company is the PU sandwich machine manufacturer ,it is good at in PU machine sales,The machine of PU sandwich panel is able to continuously and efficiently produce high-quality PU panels.sinowa machine has good quality and...
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  • PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line

    PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel machine Sinowa PU sandwich panel machine ,it's continuous innovation and improvement makes our PUR sandwich panel production line have lots of outstanding characteristics. Also better meet the actual needs of customers. Sinowa is the PU sandwich...
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