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Performance Characteristics Of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
Sep 20, 2018

This product has the following characteristics: Low thermal conductivity of polyurethane sandwich panel Composite Board with a small thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is good, is the best insulation material at present.

Beautiful plate type, easy to install, polyurethane sandwich board fire resistance, polyurethane sandwich board non-toxic tasteless, the use of a wide range of temperature, waterproof, anti-wet Polyurethane sandwich panel Beautiful appearance, the overall effect is good, it set load-bearing, insulation, fire, waterproof in one, and no more than two times decoration, quick and convenient installation, short construction period, good comprehensive benefits, with a good cost-effective advantage, is a wide range of applications, very potential energy-efficient building envelope materials,is also the national Ministry of Construction to promote and promote a new energy-saving plate.

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