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Application Range Of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
Sep 20, 2018

The Polyurethane sandwich panel can be used in the roof and exterior walls of public buildings with large space, such as: mechanism, terminal or waiting hall, stadium, cinema and auditorium, exhibition and Convention Center, museum, etc.

Public buildings because of the need to provide more space, indoor air-conditioning, fire and so on a series of more than industrial plant requirements of the characteristics, such buildings are more use of grid or pipe truss roof structure, so the roofing material in light, heat preservation and insulation, fire safety, waterproofing, sound absorption, durability and so on have put forward higher requirements.

Polyurethane sandwich panel is mainly used in industrial plants, warehouses of roofing and external walls. In the past, more prefabricated concrete slabs or asbestos sheets were used in the roofs of industrial buildings. With the rapid popularization of the light steel structure, the polyurethane sandwich panel has replaced the above 2 kinds of materials with its many notable advantages. In providing better heat insulation effect, sandwich panel with the developed light steel structure, can truly reflect light steel system light, fast and efficient, flexible layout and a series of advantages, so in a single-storey plant building has become the preferred solution. For multi-storey industrial plant, in addition to roof roof can use sandwich panel, the external wall can also use polyurethane sandwich panel for flexible arrangement, through the color coating plate changeable color and shape to beautify the architectural appearance of the purpose.

For the constant temperature and humidity requirements of industrial buildings, the use of thermal performance than the brick wall sandwich panel as the envelope material, can greatly save the completed operating costs.

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