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Method of operation of forming machine
Sep 20, 2018

1.Select the Flat table, stabilize the machine, you can open the chassis feet so that the machine panel easy to observe. 

2.Insert the plug on the hand-held sensor head into the socket on the panel and tighten it.Attention to positioning Notch ·

3.plug one end of the power cord into the socket on the back panel of the chassis and the other end into a power supply socket, be sure to use a single-phase, three-wire power supply. 

4.Open the "Power SW" on the chassis rear panel.

", press panel " POWER switch (switching)  "key, pending " Ready "(WARM up) " Green indicator light on, the machine can work. "

5.Press and hold  "Set button (SETTING buttons) " Key, set to the appropriate value, usually between 0.5-2 seconds. 

6.the sensor head on the lid of the container, click the Start button on the handle, then  "Heating (heating) " Red indicator light is on, indicating that heating, the sensor head do not move,  "heating (heating) " Red light off and then remove the sensor head, etc.  "Preparation (WARM up) "

Green indicator light or in-machine buzzer short sound  "du " prompt after the next container can be sealed job.

7.Check the sealing quality, according to different materials, diameter of the container and production efficiency, appropriate trimming  "Set button (SETTING buttons) key, so that the best sealing quality

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