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Glass and cotton sandwich panel features
Sep 20, 2018

(1) Glass wool and cotton sandwich panel with high closed-hole rate, energy-saving effect is excellent;

(2) Green environmental protection, formaldehyde-free;

(3) One-time investment, continuous savings;

(4) Unique plug-in interface design, the ability to resist negative wind pressure is stronger;

(5) modelling diverse, beautiful elegant advantages: No cold bridge, stiffness, flatness, glass wool Class A non-combustible;

(6) Tight plug interface, no plate heat conduction

(7) Two sides of polyurethane side seal, blocking the core material water absorption pathway, prolong the service life;

(8) Unique connection port design, anti-negative wind pressure capacity is stronger;

(9) Good fire Resistance: suitable for large-scale public buildings, industrial buildings and other fire-resistant buildings on the wall and roof. Glass wool is to adapt to a large area of the laying of the vol material, in addition to maintain the unique characteristics of insulation, insulation, but also has a very good fire, damping, sound absorption characteristics, to reduce noise pollution, improve the working environment is mainly used for: roof insulation, roof insulation, steel structure workshop wall insulation, Indoor insulation sound absorption, breeding roof roof insulation fire protection) insulation, heat insulation, fire, sound absorption, the effect is very ideal. In the construction can also be arbitrarily cut according to the need for a better moisture-proof effect.

Is the workshop, roof, wall, flat-topped excellent insulation, insulation, fire, sound insulation materials.

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